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1、Machine and equipment condition

HTPD has total 37 sets of whole series die casting machines of 3000T, 2500T, 2000T, 1600T, 1250T, 800T, 630T, 400T, 280T and 160T, with automatic feeder, sprayer and picker etc., also equipped with advanced production line for alu. alloy die casting parts of escalator step and pallet, automobile, IT, machinery, lighting etc., HPTD has the professional capability of alu. alloy die casting, CNC and coating, also has the testing equipment of spectrometer, CMM, X-ray detector, dynamic and static load fracture testing machine, fatigue testing machine, salt spray testing machine etc.. Meanwhile, HTPD has the mold manufacturing workshop with the capability of designing, manufacturing and maintaining casting dies. The annual production capacity of die casting part is 15000 tonnage.

2、Production and R&D condition-js09999金沙

HTPD established engineering center and technology R&D center, accumulated rich experience on production and management in alu. alloy die casting field, surrounded by a strong R&D team, in which technicians with college degree or above are 198 persons, about 30% of staff, middle and high ranking engineers with university degree or above are 24 persons, graduate students are 2 persons.

The investment on R&D is more than 5% of the annual sales revenue, HTPD has the advanced software of the industry, and strong independent product R&D capability, ranks the leading position in domestic and can react rapidly to the market.-金沙2061娱乐城

Besides its independent technology R&D capability, HTPD also established industry-university-research cooperation network with many colleges closely, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hu’na University, Mechanics Institute of South China University of Technology, Material Institute of South China Normal University, CAD Research Center of Shanghai Tongji University, Business Administration Institute of Zhongshan University, all established closed new product R&D development and technology cooperation relationship with HTPD.-js9001.com金沙网站

3、Market condition

Currently HTPD has established good R&D and business relationship with many domestic and abroad automobile, escalator and telecom enterprises like GM, GAC TOYOTA, GAC group, BYD Auto, BOSCH Auto, VOLVO Truck, YAMASHITA Rubber, Japan DENSO, U.S. OTIS, Finland KONE, German Thyssen, Japan Mitsubishi, Shenzhen HUAWEI, Shenzhen ZTE, Wuhan Fingu, Comba Telecom etc.

4、Management condition

Currently HTPD has already integrated the relative data of each dept. of production, QC, market, technology, administration into a comprehensive system, built a data platform and intranet to share resources and realized information management on production and operation. HPTD has awarded the quality management system certificates of ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949, applied standardized management aligned with international advanced enterprises.