Die casting capacity-4166.金沙登录-4136y.C0m

Die casting capability
Since established in 2005, HTPD has total 37 sets die casting machines from 280T to 4000T, the annual production capacity of die casting part is 18000 tonnage, and each die casting has been equipped with automatic feeder, sprayer, picker etc. Functions, some large die casting has the function of automatic deburring and straightening, the automation level ranks the leading position within the industry. We also has the vacuum die casting technology and die temperature controlling technology which enhanced the stability of production process and ensured the quality stability and production efficiency during production process.
Melting capability
There are total 4 central continuous melting furnaces and 4 graphite crucible melting furnaces in HTPD melting workshop, the current max. melting capacity can reach 6 tonnage molten Alu. alloy per hour, the melting process adopts advanced Nitrogen refining technology to refine and degas to produce molten alu. meet the standard of relative material which can guarantee the stable quality and performance of product.




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 伊之稀压铸机 DM300T 1 sets
 宇部压铸机 YUBU350T 1 sets
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 力劲压铸机 DCC1250T 2 sets
 力劲压铸机 DCC1600T 3 sets
 意特拉压铸机 IDRA1600T 1 sets
 力劲压铸机 DCC2000T 2 sets
 力劲压铸机-4166.金沙登录 DCC2500T-澳门金沙场4136 2 sets
 意特拉压铸机 IDRA3000T 1 sets
 力劲压铸机 DCC4000T 1 sets