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Die design and R&D capability
Since established in 1988, Hongtai Mold has more than 20 years experience on die design and manufacture, and has trained a team of die engineering technicians and experts with rich experience. HTPD established Zhaoqing City Casting Die Engineering Technology Research Center in 2008, ranking the leading position within the industry.
The advanced mold flow analysis software has been applied in HTPD: FLOW3D、Magma、Huazhu CAE, the mold design will be constantly optimized as per mold flow analysis result during R&D process, to ensure and enhance the following die quality.
Mold manufacture equipment capability
HTPD has more than 50 sets of advanced mold manufacturing equipment, including high-speed CNC, vertical CNC, EDM Electrical discharge machining, NC300-130 T Die Matching Machine, Universal radial drill, big flat grinder etc.


 规格型号 台数
 耐斯翻模机 NCF-30 1
 耐斯合模机 NC300-2518 1
 大型穿孔机 DG703--澳门金沙57877.com 1
 卧式周详铣床 LY-1500MB 1
 高速加工中央 NV6000DCG 1
 大型深孔钻 DH-1300 1
 石墨公用火花机床 500CNC 2
 HE100 1