Party branch of HTPD signed agreement with the first Party branch of Pufa Bank, Zhaoqing Branch
Column:HTPD Express Time:2017-12-01

In the morning of 2nd Nov., the Party organization co-building signing ceremony between the Party branch committee of HTPD and the Zhaoqing first Parth branch committee of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank was hold in the showroom of HTPD, Mr. Yu Xuecong, the Party branch secretary of HTPD, Chairman and GM of HTPD, Mr. Yang Guangsheng, the vise secretary AND vise GM, Mr. Chen Musheng, vise GM, Mr. Yu qiang, CFO of HTPD, Ms. Yao Cui, Mr. Wu Beifu, Party members, Mr. Liang Qingmin, the secretary of the first Party branch of Pufang Bank, Zhaoqing branch, Ms. Wang Jing, commissary in charge of publicity, Mr. Sun Lixin, commissary in charge of organization and Ms. Zhan Ling, the Party member all participated in this ceremony.

During the communication, Ms. Liang Qinmin, the Secretary of the first Party Branch of Pufa Bank, Zhaoqing Branch, pointed out that the co-building of two Party organizations is the innovative method for Party construction, its good for enhancing Party construction work, promoting the ideological construction, superior resource sharing, scientific development between Party organizations, to achieve Party construction development, enhance team atmosphere, and achieve win-win to both parties.

During the communicating process, Mr. Yu Xuecong, the Secretary of HTPD Party Branch shared his Party member growth path and his thoughts of Party construction, pointing out that co-building of Party organization is an innovative experience of expanding Party Members view and knowledge. The interconnection on activities, mutual assistance on jobs, sharing on resources, mutual learning on experience can help to compact Party construction foundation, highlight Party member leaders function of pioneer and model, expand Party construction job coverage and influence, promote the mutual development of Party construction and company business. Secretary Yu finally requested Party members of branch which are the advanced members and backbones, all the Party members must be strict with themselves, be responsible for themselves and their employees, and become the benchmark of daily working to running the whole company strictly, devote more contribution and effort into company development for higher level.

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